Do you want to take your business off the ground in a new country? Why not in France?

Before, because of excessive red tape and taxes, many were discouraged from doing business in France. But, now things are changing and entrepreneurs are seeing hope in the country for expanding their businesses there.

Factories sign of booming industry

More factories are opening up in recent months

Among other G20 nations, France occupied the first position in enhancing its businesses by imparting training and quality education. Being a pioneering industrialized nation, it has become one of the strongest economic powerhouses of the world.  When overall household wealth is taken into consideration, France has appeared as one of the wealthiest European nations.

Business opportunities are immense in the country. Some of the elite places where you can carry on your business successfully are mentioned in this blog. Go through it to know:

  • Business Opportunities in Lyon: Scientific and economic activities are thriving in Lyon. Numerous SMEs and big enterprises have come into existence dealing with green technology. Real estate companies promoting quality property building using eco-friendly techniques are also booming here. By emphasizing on clean tech, Lyon aims at emerging as a pioneer in the domain of sustainable progress. Starting a business focussing mainly on organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and petrochemicals can be rewarding.
  • Business Opportunities in Marseille: A majority of the business opportunities in Marseille is related to travel and tourism. Apart from it, several other sectors growing rapidly in the country are health and fitness, restaurants, beauty and wellness, women’s clothing, and more. If you’re thinking about what kind of business can bring you huge profit in this city, we would advise you to start a business that can meet the requirements and tastes of the locals. French cafes, fashion stores, and bars are some other options where you can consider worth investing in.
  • Business Opportunities in Bordeaux: As a business-friendly city, Bordeaux is attracting businessmen across the world to set up their companies in this city. The diverse economy of Bordeaux plays a crucial role in increasing the recruitment of the recent graduates and executives not only in the digital or aeronautic industries but also in wine making sectors. When it comes to investing in commercial property, Bordeaux when compared to other French cities, offers a better scope. So, if you want to invest in this line of business, this can be the place for you. By the end of 2017, with the linking of Bordeaux to Paris, the travelling time between these two cities will be reduced to two hours maximum. It will further boost business chances in the city.

    French-inspired modern minimalist design

    Interior design is a fast-growing market sector

Beside the above-mentioned opportunities in some cities, Insurance Brokerage Business is another sector where you can invest without fear. It is indeed one of the profitable businesses in the country recruiting fresh blood. However, you need a license to establish your insurance brokerage agency in France. The industry of interior decoration is also experiencing a fast growth. Many fine decorations and designs that surround you are from this vibrant country. As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to seek suggestions from your friends and colleagues residing in France on what kind of business you should start matching your personality.