A bad day in ‘France’ is still better than a good day anywhere else

Bikers lining up to start the race

The famous Tour-de-France is an annual multi-stage bike race

Spending holidays in France is a pleasant experience. Romantic stories from colleagues and friends, guidebooks, and Hollywood films have all shown this smaller-than-Texas country in a positive light. Hence, there’s nothing surprising if you’re planning to visit the place soon. However, gathering information before flying to an unknown country is always wise. For your ease, we have compiled some tips and tricks to make your visit convenient and safe. Check out the following points.


Some Helpful Tips for First Time Tourists

  1. Giving Tips is not Mandatory: In most French restaurants, tipping is not that important, as servers are paid on an hourly basis. Consequently, they don’t have to depend on your tip to make a comfortable living. However, tip giving is applauded. To show that you’re satisfied with the service of the server, why don’t you give him or her one or two euros as a token of appreciation?
  2. Drink and Food are Taken Seriously: Flying to France is equal to stepping into the world of cheese. More than 246 types of cheeses are available here. Among them, which one will be on your plate and how you’re going to savour it will decide whether you have hurt French sentiments. It shows how seriously these people take their food. Numerous cities in the country are well-known for their specific foods and drinks. For instance, Dijon is famous for mustards.
  3. Pay Attention to Manners: Many consider French as the official language of diplomacy. Whereas in most of the countries, you can speak in English while touring, in France, it’s important to speak in French, because after all, you’re in France. And speaking in French means showing respect for this wonderful language. Hence, it would be good to learn some French before flying to this part of the world. When you’re stepping into a store, remember to greet the staff by saying “bonjour” and exit by saying “bonne journee”, as these are regarded customary.
  4. Grab Coffees Always from the Counter: Paris is one of those French cities where luxurious living is possible without depleting one’s resources. While enjoying the scenic beauty of the city, have a cup coffee. It is an affordable beverage available in bars and food counters. A lot of counters in France are selling it at only one euro per cup. So, you can easily buy a pastry basket as a side dish to add to your enjoyment. At a cafe, the price of the same coffee may vary depending on where you are seated.
  5. Diverse Landscapes will Amaze You: From rugged coasts to the lavender fields–France has it all. After seeing the vineyards of Bordeaux, take a cab to reach the sand dunes at the Aquitaine coast within an hour. Here, you will get more than one hundred hiking trails. This diversity in the landscapes of the country impresses its tourists greatly.
  6. Law of Immigration in France: The previous open border policy of France has enabled many immigrants to come and settle here. However, the Immigration Act of 2006 has restricted the heavy flow of unskilled labourers into the country. If you”re entering there as a professional, learn the streamline of procedures from an expert to get a visa quickly. In case you’re requesting for a stay document, you need either an entry permit or a long stay visa.
  7. Cheap Travelling Options: Wait at any traffic roundabout to hitchhike. Hitchhiking is an affordable travelling option operating throughout France legally. To save in the long-term, avoid renting cars and avail of trains and buses by opting for a price package.If you’re confused about whether the bus you have boarded onto will travel to your destination, just say the name of the place to the driver. He will answer with “Yes” or “No”.
French bistro closed for siesta

French Cuisine observes long siesta hours

As the siesta time in France is quite long, avoid go to the shopping malls from 12:00 noon to 2:00 in the afternoon. It always closes on a sad note. Additionally, on Sunday, rest goes on for the whole day. Also, groceries and shopping malls remain shut down for the entire day. Hence, it’s recommended to know the opening hours of different stores and malls before heading towards them. If you see any strike or protest, don’t express your views as it may hurt the protester’s sentiments.