Is France on your holiday destination list? If “yes”, thumbs up to you. And , if “no,” include it. Not only because it has numerous sightseeing spots to make your vacation superb, but also its transportation facilities will help you reach these places conveniently and in a cost-effective way. In fact, France is considered as one of the countries in the world having the best and densest transportation system. Affordable and efficient transportation throughout the country has contributed a lot to the revenue generation of the country from tourism.

Public Transportation in Marseille

Trams meeting on the curb

Trams are a popular way for tourist to roam the countryside

In Marseille, the RTM mainly provides the services for public transport. Tickets for the metro, buses, and trams are available here. Just buy ticket for any of these transports and enjoy the journey within one hour of your purchase. Two metro lines, both having stops at the main station, are helping people to travel wherever they like. Covering the north and the south in the downtown region, it has become a cost and time-saving option for tourists. After every five minutes, trains arrive at the stations. These services go on daily, from 5:00 in the morning to 11:00 in the evening.

Travel anywhere across Marseille by availing of its bus service. Buses in this city can take you to the Corniche, Vallon des Auffes, and L’Estaque. Tickets for travelling on buses can be bought from either ticket counters or on the buses itself. At a distance of 25 kilometres from Marseille is located the Marseille Provence Airport. After landing, take shuttle buses and reach St. Charles Station of Marseilles within half an hour.

Public Transportation in Lyon

Rental bikes parked in the parkway.

E-bikes are a popular and eco-friendly way to get around.

A strong transport network in and around Lyon has made it easy for the people to visit the destinations within a quick turnaround time. Irrespective of which part of the country you”re coming from, you can avail its student tariff facility, provided your age is below 28. You can get this facility from any TCL agency.


Bike lovers can rent a bike to tour the city independently. If you are little bit of a romantic in nature, the ferry on the River Saone is the best option for you to travel around the city. Apart from it, the airport of Lyon is also very strong with forty planes flying to approximately eighty destinations. When it comes to train facilities, Lyon gives tough competition to neighbouring cities. From Paris, take train to get to Lyon within two hours.

Public Transportation in Toulouse

The transportation system of Toulouse includes mainly 84 bus services, two tram lines, two metro lines, and nine emergency services. A shuttle service links the city to the airport ensuring comfortable and quick travel. By taking this shuttle service, you can go to the station too. Trains, here, move at an unimaginable speed. The City Council of Toulouse has worked hard to uphold the use of bicycles throughout the city. If you love to breathe the fresh air of Toulouse while paddling a bicycle, you must do so without hesitation. Moreover, the convenient structure of parking bicycles has promoted its use further.

Public Transportation in Bordeaux

Fast TGV trains, the tramway system, and a huge unbusy airport are taking its transportation system to the next level. TBC, the public transit system of Bordeaux, helps you in touring the city economically and comfortably. If you are thinking of taking the bus, you have to buy the tickets there, as they are not available on trams. Both buses and trams have yellow compositeur machine. Use this machine to validate your ticket. If you don’t do so, a fine may be imposed on you.

TGV trains are for those who avoid airplanes and don’t have enough time to tour the city. These trains cover almost all parts of France and also go to specific European countries like Luxembourg, the Netherlands, England, and Belgium.

The city also has many tour buses owned by various companies. Being equipped with free Wi-Fi services, you will not feel bored even for a single second while in the bus. Hop-On Hop-Off, single deck, double deck, every kind of bus is available to make your journey easy. Like other parts of France, you can have shared bicycles in Bordeaux by opting for its on-street self-service system of bicycle sharing.

Some Major Companies of Bordeaux — From Rags to Riches

Migration has become a search for prosperity. People are constantly looking for more upscale lifestyles. And Bordeaux is one of the desired destinations for obvious reasons. Not only does it offer a high standard of living, but the job prospect is also sizeable. With so many companies investing in the Bordeaux market, income opportunity is ever increasing. Lucrative careers, better education, prospering businesses and great hospitality can be expected here. France has been welcoming to immigrants with high skills. So, finding a job in Bordeaux isn’t a difficult task. Let’s have a look at the companies that are taking the market by storm:

Serma Technologies

High-end electronics circuit board

High end electronics rely on latest microchip technologies

Reportedly the leading company in high-end electronics, Serma Technologies presently has 800 employees. They have twelve industrial sites, earning $85 million in revenue. Institutionalized in 1991, Serma Technologies now has over 600 clients. The company specializes in working with high-constraint electronic technology. They provide consulting, tests, evaluations for components or systems that are bought by top notch companies like Renault, Alstom, Siemens, Safran and Eurocopter. The company’s strength lies in providing a unique one-stop shop service via their cross-disciplinary expertise.

The company has its feet grounded in most sectors, including railways, space, automobiles, manufacturing and oil and gas exploration. This means that the job opportunity is vast. Also, the company has many subsidiaries. The latest one is Serma Safety and Security.


This is a European company, founded in 1978. It specializes in manufacturing mechanical components for various industries. In 2011 the company chose to specialize in Karakuri Kaizen. In fact, AIO is the only provider of Karakuri Kaizen in France. Since then the company has been experiencing continuous growth. Besides, they have become a leader in the automobile and aeronautics industries. The company is continuing its development abroad. England, Germany and Turkey are a few countries they have chosen for expansion so far.

Cap Ingelec

Data servers keeping data secure

Data centers are becoming a top hiring industry today

Created in 1992, Cap Ingelec is one of the ten biggest technical engineering companies located in France. Individuals who specialize in technical engineering can keep an eye out for a vacancy in this company. Cap Ingelec presently counts 250 employees that include 150 engineers. With great potential globally, the company has also become a leader in data centre construction. Similarly, the company focuses on renewable energy while carrying many projects, therefore their expertise lies in energy efficiency.


Operational since 1977, the company is a distributor of hydraulics systems, specializing in the trade of some European brands, namely, Hydraulics, Bosch, UCC, Volvo and Sauer. The company is boastful of their 24 sites and 300 employees. Significantly, the company has over 200 clients. Its core business being designing and identifying hydraulic devices, the company also has seven subsidiaries.

Aside from all these, Bordeaux hosts a lot of wineries and you can get a decent job there. You can choose from the following jobs: analyst, cellar worker, cellar master, vineyard foreman, wine educator and taster. Equally, there are job opportunities in the sales division, from coordinator, associate to manager. In order to find the right job, visit the various job portals or register yourself with the companies mentioned above.