The Louvre is said to be the historic heart of Paris. Aptly positioned on the right bank of the river Seine, the Louvre Museum sits majestically in central Paris. Patronized and loved by both locals and visitors alike, the Louvre stands as the largest art museum on this planet. While the centuries-old museum is famous for its collection of art, its entrance has earned a place for itself in the world of architecture and design. Known all over the world as the Louvre Pyramid, this magnificent structure has managed to capture the imagination of millions of visitors all across the globe.

How The Louvre Pyramid Came To Be Part Of The Musée Du Louvre?

 the Grand Louvre projectThe Louvre Pyramid was built as an answer to a crisis kind of situation faced by the museum about half-a-century ago. During the 1970s, the number of visitors to the Louvre Museum rose up to such an extent that the management found it hard to cope with them. There were separate entrances to each of the wings, and the entrances were crampy and confusing to such an extent that people found it hard to differentiate them from the exit.

As a solution, the then President of France, François Mitterrand  proposed a project known as the Grand Louvre project with an aim to modernize and augment the museum. The project got commissioned in 1983, and the eminent Chinese-American architect, I. M. Pei was put at the helm of affairs. Pei designed five glass and steel pyramids, out of which three that are smaller in size stands beside the main pyramid, along with another inverted pyramid that can be viewed from the underground Carrousel entrance. Once completed, the grand Louvre Pyramid immediately proved itself to be extremely functional as an entrance and captured the imagination of visitors with its visual appeal and optical phantasm.

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A Brief Description Of Its Structure And Visualistics

With a base area of 11,000 sq. ft., and an elevation of 71 ft. (26.6 meters), the grand Louvre Pyramid is positioned exactly like a diamond encrusted on a piece of jewelry, and it has exactly the same proportions as that of the great pyramid of Giza. This marvelous structure consists of 673 glass panels, shaped as a mixture of diamonds and triangles in irregular proportions, making each panel look like a cut jewel.

Once you step inside the Museum’s courtyard, you will find that the Louvre Pyramid looks just like a pyramid (the reason why it is named so). As it serves as an entrance to the museum, visitors pass through the Louvre Pyramid and when they look back at the structure from inside the museum, it assumes the shape of a giant skylight.  Recently (from 26 of March till the 31st of 2019), to make the visuals even more dramatic, a number of artists from all over the world were engaged to carry out another transformation that would further magnify its optical illusions.

A Visit To The Louvre Is A Visit to A Bygone Era, In The Cusp of Today’s Technological and Socio Cultural Parade

If you are planning a vacation in Paris, you should make it a point to visit the Louvre Museum. If you are drawn by art, then it is probably the place where you should be, rather than anywhere else. The grand Louvre Pyramid stands as a reminiscent of a bygone era, rebuilt with contemporary materials (glass and steel), and justly positions itself as the entrance to the Louvre Museum, that contains a collection of art spanning over the past 5000 years.