Job Opportunities for Migrants to France

In France, you will come across at least one immigrant for every ten people you meet. Presently, numerous European and non-European immigrants come to the country in search of a job. As a result, its productivity has increased enormously.

The generous social security system of France has ensured its immigrants a safe lifestyle. Hence, the rate of immigration to the country goes on increasing. With minimum restrictions on wages and compulsory holidays, France has emerged as a job offering hub for many youths. In private and public sectors, talented foreigners are being recruited, earning a handsome salary.

Au Pair Jobs

Au pair and a child

An au pair taking her ward out for some fresh air

Getting a job as an immigrant is not at all difficult in France. If you love to spend time with kids, you can apply to be an “au pair”. Au pairs are hired mainly to take care of the children while their parents are at work. The main advantage you can enjoy by working as an au pair is that you can learn the language while earning simultaneously. However, due to visa-related problems, EU immigrants get more preferences. Your serving period may vary from two months to two years maximum.

Teacher of Foreign Languages

Teach your mother tongue anywhere in the country and get an added advantage in the job market. Here, foreigners can make a good income by teaching Spanish, German, and English to the French people. Hundreds of training centres and language schools are appointing immigrants to teach foreign language to their students. Many of them don’t ask applicants to produce teaching related certificates at the time of joining. One such example is TEFL for English. Moreover, you can teach your native language privately as a tutor.

Jobs in the Tourist Industry

Pastry chef for a French Restaurant

A pastry chef serves fresh baked goodies.

In the travel and tourism sector, job prospects are promising, especially in the summertime. In August, one can easily find interesting travel and tourism jobs not only in Paris but also in other cities brimming with tourists from across the world. Restaurants and hotels are some other places where you can be employed.

On the basis of your qualifications, you can also work in the country as a waiter, cashier, cook, or cleaner. People pay respect to all service providers. In Mc Donald’s too, you can get the job of a server and can earn on hourly basis.

Agricultural Jobs

Every year, approximately 120, 000 foreigners step into this land. Many of them come to assist the natives in their intense labour and seasonal work, like harvesting grapes in the vineyards.  September and October are the months of growing grapes whereas from May to November, other fruits are grown. To be legally employed in a vineyard, you need to apply for work permit.

Internships for Students

If you’re a student, one of the finest ways of earning while studying is opting for internships. As it is not considered as a legal job, no work permit is required. However, you need to get your training agreement signed by the company and your educational institution.

Just pick any one of the jobs above and enjoy a happy life in France!