Depending on why you’re travelling to France, your visa type will be determined. Whether you’re on a pleasure trip or are going there in search of a job, the visa officials should know your staying period. There are mainly two types of visas. Once the officials know the reason for your visit and the amount of time you’re staying, they will be able to give you the right visa.

  • For Equal to or Less Than 90 Days Stay: These kinds of visas are known as Schengen visa or short-stay visa.
  • For More than 90 Days Stay: In this case, the visa issued to you is called long-stay visa.
Travel documents necessary-passport and visa

A valid passport and visa are basic requirements

To fly to France without any legal obligation, provide the officials with accurate information. You’re asked to do so because once here, you can’t change the status of your immigration. Your visa type also can’t be modified when you’re in France. Moreover, to get paid employment, you need to have a work permit. It is only then that your salary will undergo certain processes to ultimately reach you. This rule is applicable for all professionals, from artists to sports persons.

While submitting application for visa, mention your destination’s name and flight details.

Long Stay Visa

The long stay visa entitled to you is a national visa. This visa enables you to move about freely in the whole region of Schengen, as long as it is valid. Generally, for family reunions, work, and study, this visa is issued. Before submitting the application, attach the required documents supporting your reason of coming to this country. To get a long-stay visa, you have to attach the following documents.

  • Two recent passport-sized photos
  • Proof of civil status (like whether you’re married or single)
  • Properly filled and self-attested application form of long stay. The print out should be in black and white.
  • Employer’s letter mentioning your present designation and work duration in France
  • A letter explaining why you need to stay in the country
  • Your residential proof in France

Some work visas and study visas are treated as residence permits. However, this visa will act as residence permits only in the first year of your staying. Work visas, regardless of their type, are subjected to specific processes. If you’re a foreign national holding a short-stay visa, you may not get an employment contract or a work permit. Also, artists and sports persons travelling to country for a short time must submit an application for obtaining a work permit using their contacts even before arriving here.

Short Stay Visa

Questionnaire used to issue/deny visa

A questionnaire form is needed for evaluation

Once you get the short stay visa, you can freely move in the 25 countries of Schengen within 90 days. Both for multiple and single entries, these types of visas are provided. However, your reason of visiting should be clear. For family visits, business tours, and leisure travel, a short stay visa is issued. You can also obtain it if you’re going to enter the country to complete an internship.

Documents you need to produce while submitting applications for short stay visa

  • Processing charges
  • Three month valid passport from your visa’s expiry date
  • Correctly and manually filled and signed application form of Schengen visa
  • Two latest passport photos
  • Document showing your civil status in the previous country
  • Photocopy of ticket reservation
  • One proof of accommodation
  • Document of your current socio-economic status

While submitting your visa application, make sure that you’re carrying the documents yourself. Personal handling of the documents is very significant while scheduling your appointment at the consulate. To be on the safe side, fix your schedule with the consulate at least 15 days before your date of departure. You are advised so because it may require 15 days to process your visa.

The outstanding employment rate of France is raising the hope for jobless youths. As a result, the overall performance of the country is getting better day by day. After gaining its reputation as one of the safest countries for settling down, it is constantly experiencing a huge increase in its immigrant flow. If you’re flying to the country for the first time, opt for online research to get in touch with a renowned visa service provider. Make sure that you have picked a reliable service provider so that your application doesn’t get rejected.